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Kim Salmon Sundays throughout Nov. at The Old Bar!!!

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6 October 2010

33 years of music in a month of Sundays and not a song repeated!

Kim Salmon will focus his attention each Sunday in November - at the Old Bar, on a different musical combo featuring different aspects of his diverse career. One week you may expect to hear The Surrealists, another, The Scientists, another his latest avant guard musings and on another the rest - i.e. Beasts of Bourbon, Antenna, The Business and maybe even a riff or two from SALMON.

Kim Salmon is fresh back from playing ATP festival New York with the Scientists alongside Iggy and the Stooges and “Mudhoney, from Seattle”, who to quote the New York Times “wouldn’t have existed without a combination of the Stooges and the Scientists”- the paper describing the bill as “perfect organizing” further commenting “ the crowd and the bands knew it. (“When I was a young boy,” the (Mudhoney) singer Mark Arm said between songs, “I never thought that I’d be in the sweet spot of a Scientists-Stooges sandwich.”).

Kim is doing some ‘perfect organising’ of his own bringing Scientist’s drummer Leanne Cowie in to hook up with Stu Thomas for the Scientists combo he took to Europe in 2004. He will also feature the Surrealists, David Brown for his latest improvs and a surprise line-up for his mixed/solo material. To add further interest Kim won’t be announcing which line-up will play which week.

Almost Russian roulette? Not with Mr Salmon. Not in a month of Sundays!

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