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One Man Bands, Matt Bailey Launch &Cheap Jugs!

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30 November 2011

Good stuff this week for all you people with Old Bar Fever.

Firstly, we now will be doing $12 jugs of Carlton every day until 8pm and $15 jugs of the other taps as well. Secondly Thursday night sees the Old Bar turn into a One Man Band Fest. Made For Chickens By Robots, Becky Lee & Drunkfoot, BJ Morriszonkle and HAARK all bang the beat to their own drum. Which could be why no one else will play with them and they have to play by themselves. Come down and poke fun at the lonely loonies Thursday night. Friday night the magnificent Matt Bailey will be launching his new album - The Book Of Illumination. Killer supports on that one too. look at the gig guide. I can't do everything for you. See you at the bar.

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